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3581 L28 tape autoloader

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  • 3581 L28 tape autoloader

    I had a 3581 L28 tape drive installed on my iseries (os/400 v5r3m0). I had to rearrange the components in my rack which required disconnecting the tape drive. Every piece of equipment was powered off including the ups during the disconnect and connecting process. when i brought the iseries back up I could not vary on the tape drive. The final step I took was to delete the device description and ipl the iseries in hopes that the drive would be auto configed, but no such luck. Can someone provide procedures to get this drive re-configed either by autoconfig upon an ipl or manually? What is the best way to configure this thing so the config remains if we need to disconnect again? The drive is attached via scsi on a 5702 card. thank you, mike