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Kerberos Identity Token

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  • Kerberos Identity Token

    We have setup Kerberos single sign-on between our Windows network and our iSeries 5v3. Client Access and the IFS are working great. We also setup Kerberos authentication on the Apache http server and that is working. However, we have a third party RPG to cgi web page generator that have been using for 4 years and will continue to use. Presently, we log-in to a web page that builds a menu based on our iseries userid. To implement Single sign-on completely, we need to be able to access the identity token to retrieve the userid and bypass the log-in page. Has anyone accessed the iseries userid token from RPG or a CL? We do not use Websphere or java. Until our installation of the RPG/CGI generator, we were strictly a RPG/CL green screen shop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tammy