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Ending a remote server job

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  • Ending a remote server job

    Hi ! I have a small application on AS400 that has some part running on the source server and then I issue a runrmtcmd to call a target server driver progam so that rest of the processing is done on the target server.(Both are AS400 servers). However, even after the controls return to the source server, some files and library objects stay locked by this remote server job (123456/QUSER/QNMAREXECD)of type PJ (Prestart job). Only way to release the locks is when I do an Endjob (*immed) on this job. So, that's what I am doing at the source server in the application now after the controls return without error from the target server. (I get the job attributes of the target server job in a file thru RTVJOBA to an outfile, send it across thru DDM and read this file at source and do an ENDJOB *immed) Now, with this am I ending the prestart job itself (that I till now believed was done thru ENDPJ command and not Endjob) or I am ending my job being serviced by the prestart job? Raising this question b'coz I am not supposed to end any prestart jobs in the system due to overheads involved. Please help !!! Thanks!