I've had a lot to say about Websphere in my time. This leaves me speechless. rd slashdot reporting that .NET Developer's Journal reporting: http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/01/16/0140256 from Microsoft's web site: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/e...n/default.mspx Donald Ferguson Technical Fellow Published: January 8, 2007 | Updated: January 8, 2007 Dr. Donald Ferguson is a Microsoft Technical Fellow in Platforms and Strategy, in the Office of the CTO. Don focuses on both the evolutionary and revolutionary role of information technology in business. Understanding the trends, architecting and piloting the implications for existing and new products and evangelizing Microsoftís vision are the key aspects of Donís job. Prior to joining Microsoft, Don was an IBM Fellow and Chief Architect for IBMís Software Group (SWG). Don provided overall technical leadership for WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2, Rational and Lotus products. He also chaired the SWG Architecture Board (SWG AB). The SWG AB focused on product integration, cross-product initiatives and emerging technology. Some of the public focus areas were Web services, patterns, Web 2.0 and business driven development. Don guided IBMís strategy and architecture for SOA and Web services, and co-authored many of the initial Web service specifications. Donís primary hobby is martial arts, specifically Kenpo Karate. He earned his black belt in December, 2005.