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  • D.Abramowitz
    Re:Looking for some help

    [ol][li]Create an "Autorun" macro within a MS Word document that performs all the steps of the merge[/li][li]Use the RUNRMTCMDcommand fromn the AS/400 that opens the MS Word document containing the macro[/li][/ol] Dave

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    Guest started a topic Looking for some help

    Looking for some help

    Currently we have DTM that helps with our mail merge however since Word 2007 appears to be much nicer we are trying to bypass DTM altogether and coordinate mail merge directly from the System i to Word '07. The dilemma is exactly how to do it automatically. Currently the mail merge works fine if done manually but I'm trying to find out how to automate this so that it can be done at night. Has anyone else had to do this and if so could you please walk me through it? I've found some information on other sites however none of it is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!