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    WHO WE ARE We are wholly owned by geeks, a laid-back but hardworking shop in the heart of beautiful southern Illinois. Our staff includes bikers, boaters, hunters, hikers and wildflower enthusiasts. Most of us have commutes in the 5-10 minute range, hardly long enough to get the full scoop from NPR. During working hours, we are committed to creating, selling and supporting quality judicial information systems for the Illinois courts, and having as much fun as humanly possible in the process. WHO WE'RE LOOKING FOR Another quality geek. Someone who lives, breathes and eats RPG. Someone with a solid work-ethic, high-energy, high standards, who's anal-retentive to the core, without being creepy. Someone who knows the difference between clear code and drek. Someone who can lead and contribute to several projects at once, offering and implementing sound technical design recommendations as we continue our transition to ILE. Someone who keeps up with new technologies and techniques--someone who misses Midrange Computing as much as we do. Someone who enjoys coding for a living. Sense of humor required. Coat and tie prohibited. COMPENSATION AND BENNIES We reward hard work. Salary based on skill and experience, bonuses that tangibly reflect our gratitude to those who bust hump on a daily basis. We offer employee-controlled retirement savings, matching contributions, medical, dental and paid vacation. We take off lots of holidays (yay!), and prefer that people go home at quitting time. We offer comp-time when appropriate, and will consider flex-time as necessary. This is not Dilbert-ville. REQUIREMENTS Must know RPG400/ILE, CL, DDS, SQL. We don't care WHAT your degree is (or isn't) in, as long as you are demonstrably proficient at creating RPG programs for the AS400. Knowledge of the legal process would be a plus. HOW TO RESPOND Send e-mail to galcrt@mcpressonline.com (sure, we could give you to our REGULAR address for HR stuff, but then we wouldn't know that you're at least enough of a geek to use mcpressonline.com!)