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  • About that SQL...

    Re-posted since the posting to "Stumped" thread. I made a title difference from the post I replied to and sort of lost the hook to the thread although it shows the post on the home page...You won't find it easily. Anyway, I said...

    You may have many tools in your bag, and if one of them is SQL knowledge, take a deep breath and know this:

    You can take your SQL knowledge and use it wherever you go. This knowledge can take you to any platform, and any database. Yes you can even use it in it's limited implementation (SQL92 ANSI standard) of the Synergex database. (ie. Used for SQL access to ISAM database files.)

    Tell me about any other "tool" in your bag that goes between platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and databases, like your SQL knowledge can and will do for you...

    No other tool or knowledge you have will free you from "platform" type-casting (We all experience at some point.) Unless one of the first things seen on your resume is SQL. Especially if you view the mobility we-in-IT used to enjoy in jobseeking (2-3 weeks tops) is now commonly a 6 to 9 month hunt just to find a "maybe".