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    I'm curious if there's any possible way, using DDS, to create a join logical file where data from two different files is required to join to a third file. Try as I might, I can't think of a way.

    For example:
    PF1 FLD1A join to PF2 on FLD2A
    PF1 and PF2 join to PF3 on PF1 (FLD1A and FLD1B) and PF2 FLD2C

    BTW - I realize I can create a view using SQL; I'm specifically interested a DDS solution is it is possible. Thanks in advance. CMR

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    I'm not sure I understand...If you specify JREF's accordingly from PF1 fields and the PF2
    field to the PF3 fields, then in order to join PF3 fields, they must exist, which satisfies
    the "required" fields right?...Or are you talking about nulls, or blank field values...???


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      My issue is that I need fields from both PF1 (some of which are not in PF2) and PF2 (some of which are not in PF1) to get to PF3. The JOIN keyword only allows a single "from" and "to" file.


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        I think I understand now...In other words you need a "left-outer" join from the PF3 table to PF1 and PF2 so a matching record from PF3 (to PF1 or PF2) will not be omitted by records that fail to join between PF1 and PF2...??? And that's assuming you have everything in PF3 to go at PF1 and PF2 join-field-wise.

        My reliance on DDS for logicals is somewhat distant and my tendency now would be to go after it with a SQL view or temporary table. I'll have to pass the bet to the next hand, and wish you luck. Tell us how you do if you find a DDS solution...!!!