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Logical Files last used?

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  • Logical Files last used?


    We have over 100 LF's built over some JDE Files like F0911, F4211, F42119.
    Is there an easy way to figure out if these index's are being used so I can hopefully delete some of them.


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    I guess that means you don't have Pathfinder, or Abstract, or one of the many other "Where Used" tools. I guess that leaves you with scanning source members, assuming you have all the RPG and CL source for your programs.

    Good old FNDSTRPDM will help you out in that case. Keep in mind that embedded SQL use of "logicals" may not be so obvious. Since good SQL concept indicates tht you always specify the physical file (table name) in SQL statements and let the SQL optimizer decide if it wants to use an index. God Luck!


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      Oh...I forgot. You can also DSPPGMREF to an *OUTFILE and query that for logical file names. Hope this helps. Good Luck!


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        Logical Files last used

        I think you wanted to know WHEN the files were used rather than WHERE. If so, enter the following command

        DSPOBJD filename *FILE

        which will bring up a screen where you can take option 5 to Display full attributes. On the next screen page down and you should find a date last used.


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          I believe that's only reliable information for "program" uses of the *file object being the named logical. However, I don't believe the objects last-used-date is tapped if a SQL statement (embedded or otherwise) uses an index when it executes.


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            Yes, this is possible. IBM added an "Index Evaluator" tool to the System i Navigator interface a couple of releases ago. In addition to the traditional last used date, it also shows the frequency of how often the index was used by the query optimizer during the optimization process and during the runtime implementation.

            Just find the underlying PF using iSeries Navigator and then right-click and select the "Show Indexes" option. Scroll to the right and you'll find the information to make a decision.

            I wrote an article about this capability when it was first delivered back in V5R3: http://www.mcpressonline.com/tips-te...rformance.html


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              I created my own pathfinder by using DSPPGMREF, a program to get last used dates, and a program to display it. This work great for any object referenced by name, if it is in a variable, well that does not show up. I even downloaded a query reference tool from the web, so that it list queries that use the file you are looking for.