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Support for DDM files to be dropped after V7R1?

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  • Support for DDM files to be dropped after V7R1?

    I have just been informed by a work colleague that IBM is going to drop support for DDM files in the release after V7R1.

    As we use DDM files extensively between our various boxes & partitions this is going to cause us a lot of grief.

    Is this true? If so what alternatives are being offered by IBM?

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    If IBM do drop support from DDM files they will need to provide an alternative unless it will be another glorified stupidity like dropping support from PL/1 that already caused a runaway from the machine…


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      Hi there,
      IBM has no plans to drop support for DDM files. DDM files provide an important construct for accessing data distributed. If anything, we've been extending our investment (and value possible to our customers) on IBM i 7.1 through the addition of three-part name support where the rdb portion of an explicit three-part name or implicit three-part ALIAS name can refer to a remote database. Earlier this year, we announced an additional enhancement which allows an INSERT with SUBSELECT to have the subselect to use a different database than the target of the INSERT.

      See this site on developerWorks for details: http://bit.ly/InsertWithRemoteSubselect

      Scott Forstie
      DB2 for i Business Architect and SQL Development Team Leader