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Problem with CONCAT and SST in same logical file

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  • Problem with CONCAT and SST in same logical file

    I'm experiencing a problem using CONCAT and SST keywords in V5R2. They are not being used on the same field, which I know is not allowed. There seems to be a glitch in the DDS compiler if a field with the SST keyword immediately follows a field with the CONCAT keyword. The DDS source in figure 1 results in CPF3226 on field SORT3: Logical field CLSDTE not found in physical record format VCAREC. Note that field SORT1 is similar to field SORT3. But field SORT1 is ahead of the CONCATed field SORT2, and field SORT3 is after the CONCATed field SORT2. Changing the position of field SORT3 so it's before SORT2 (which has the CONCAT keyword) results in a good compile of the LF. See figure 2. In my testing of this, it seems if ANY field not containing the SST keyword is inserted after the field with the CONCAT keyword, then the LF compiles ok. Has anyone else encountered this problem?