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Transfer signed numeric data to ASCII

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  • Transfer signed numeric data to ASCII

    I know it has been discussed many times, but I still can not find specific scenario I am stuck with. I need to transfer some data base files to PC in ASCII format. I have only character and signed numeric values in these files, no packed fields. When I try to use CPYTOIMPF command to transfer these files into flat files, I am getting problem in numeric fields. For every numeric field it drags the position of next value by two digits because of placing sign (-ve) and decimal point. Is there any way to convert these values without decimal point, say for 12.50 just convert to 1250. I also tried to use CPYF file to copy the data in one text field file, so I can eliminate decimal point it works great but then I got problem if there is any -ve value exist. The value looks like "125}". Any idea ? Thanks Dawer