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Partitioning Files

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  • Partitioning Files

    I was recently approached with a question about partitioning a file. I believe this is a consept or ability on Mainframes and Unix systems. From what I was told basically a file is broken down into multiple components based on a set of specific critera. For example a 1 million record file can be partioned by date (lets say Month & Year). For all practical purposes programs see the file as 1 big file. Underneath the system has broken the file into a subset of the files. The depending on the criteria being used to access the file the system would only look at the partition it needs to. This is supposed to be a system type function. The database perspective is that there is 1 file. Can this type of partitioning of files be done on the iSeries (we are at 5V3)? This came up because of some performance issues with SEQUEL and potentially SQL in general. The joining of files in a select that the system does sometimes doesn't pick the correct access path (at least the one we think should be picked) and takes a long time to perform the join portion of the SEQUEL or SQL