Easy400.net utility PLCHECKUP is a "Change Impact Analysis" tool which may be very useful in maintaining IBM i applications written in ILE-RPG, ILE-CL or ILE-COBOL.
It allows to find out in seconds the application objects impacted from a change to a database field, a service program procedure, a shared program module, a called program, and so on.

This utility, originally released in October 2009, in August 2014 did undergo a major review: some small bugs were fixed, all screen have been provided with detail help text,
and its WEB manual ( http://www.easy400.net/plcheckup/html/page1.htm ) was added a page illustrating an exhaustive walk-through.

This utility, as all the utilities from site www.easy400.net, is delivered with its sources.

Giovanni B. Perotti
www.easy400.net site owner