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FTP, WinInet.dll, Home Directory and Visual Basic

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  • FTP, WinInet.dll, Home Directory and Visual Basic

    I have a VB application that is used by about 80-90 people. We periodically make updates to this program and it is a time consuming process to replace the executable. Our network folks have the ability to "push" applications, however, this particular group of users do not get "pushed". That being said, I am trying to write a VB program that will compare the version of the current executable against a file on the AS400 and then FTP a new executable if needed and then kick off the main application. Here are my questions: 1) We are on 5.1 - does anyone know how to set the current directory for a given user for ftp? I found some old posts on this, but it appeared there has been no way to do this in the past (through user settings anyway). 2) If I cannot set the directory automatically, I will need to issue a NA 1 and CD to get to the desired location. Does anyone have an example of doing this using WinInet.dll? I found lots of VB examples for WinInet.dll, but none addressed this issue. 3) Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, Joe