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    Review of Advanced, Integrated RPG

    I've just finished Tom's book and am very pleased with what I've learned. With the exception of a few OS release issues that were resolved with Tom's help, all of the example programs ran flawlessly.

    Tom clearly explains how each piece of the puzzle fits together to make a working program that can provide a framework for solutions we can all use. Tying this all back to open source Java code let's the RPG programmer take advantage of everything these solutions have to offer without the need to get bogged down in the complexity of the Java code itself.

    One of the reasons I purchased the book was to learn how to incorporate email capability into my applications. Of course other solutions are out there, but most tend to be clunky (SNDSST? Give me a break!) and depend on a local mail server to do the actual work. I specialize in supporting small businesses and many of my clients don't have an in-house email server, so the ability to use any email server with the ability to sign on with a user ID and password is a big plus for me, and the JavaMail solution gives me that in spades. Now I can implement this for any of my clients and utilize whatever existing email system they use with no problems.

    If you're looking to do more with PDFs than just copying a spooled file, or if you're wanting to provide more functionality than just basic .csv files for your Excel users, then this book will get you started down the right path. The open source projects that provide the PDF and Excel capabilities that Tom elegently wraps in RPG code have virtually every capability you will ever need, and if the functionality you're looking for isn't directly covered in the book, the examples that are covered should serve as prototypes for exposing whatever functionality you might need.

    I highly recommend this book. Good work Tom!


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      For a review by Joe Pluta, please go to this link:


      Victoria Mack
      Executive Editor
      MC Press Online