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Problem with AIR09_03 and V6R1 issue

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying the book and to hear your appreciation for the prototypes and service programs! It feels good to be able to pass it along and have it being used.

    When I was writing the book, I had a whole lot of ideas and I was working with the publisher to come up with the table of contents to have a good flow. JDBC is one of the ideas that didn't make it into the book, and I'll hopefully be working on finishing it and putting it into the next one. I'll make sure to update the code to remove the JDBC comment mentioned above.

    Thanks for the comments about V6R1! I am answering some questions about that now and unfortunately I do not have a V6R1 system available to play with. So, I'll keep that in mind and update my Errata. I would put a compiler directive in the code to look for V6R1 to exclude it, but I'm not sure at this point if it would apply to all V6R1 systems. I'll have to do a little research and if V6R1 is the conditional trigger for the JNI_VERSION_1_4 definition, I'll update that as well.

    I appreciate your feedback and the kind words!


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  • mikeheidbrink42
    started a topic Problem with AIR09_03 and V6R1 issue

    Problem with AIR09_03 and V6R1 issue

    Hi Tom,

    First of all I'd like to congratulate you on a great book. Clearly you have put a great deal of time and effort into this book, not to mention the hours it must have taken to create your SP/SV prototypes and service programs. I really appreciate it.

    Anyway, I'm working my way through the book (I'm up to Chapter 9) and have noticed a problem with the CRTPGM command in example AIR09_03. The comment in the source code shows the following:


    There is no SVAIRJDBC service program in the supplied examples. I believe that this should probably be SVAIREXCEL (which is what I have used and it has created the program). No doubt SVAIRJDBC is something you have developed to allow you to use JDBC in an RPG program. (I could see this as quite useful to allow access to other DB's such as SQL Server, Oracle etc). Is this source code available or is this going to be a subject in another book ?

    Anyway, I should also mention that I'm on a V6R1 machine and have Java 1.5 and 6 available but have decided to use Java 1.4.2 to follow your examples (so as to minimize any potential problems). I did have a problem however when compiling SVAIRJAVA. I had to comment out the JNI_VERSION_1_4... Constant in SPAIRJAVA source member, because this constant is also defined in the JNI member in QSYSINC/QRPGLESRC under V6R1. When trying to compile SVAIRJAVA it failed because the constant was already defined (I thought is was better to comment it out in SPAIRJAVA, than to alter the JNI member in QSYSINC). This will probably also be an issue for anyone else on V6R1.

    Keep up the great work. I will let you know of any other V6R1 issues I encounter (if any) as I continue to work through the book.

    Best Regards,
    Mike Heidbrink