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What is better, free code or traditional code ?

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  • What is better, free code or traditional code ?

    I have always had the idea that programming RPGILE in traditional code (RPG cycle) gives the best performance to the system OR ITS BETTER FREE-FORMAT CODE ?

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    It's not about performance. Only one application in 300 needs to worry about performance. It's about readability. It's about me being able to go into your code and figure out what you did and how to change it - and that is where Free has it all over traditional code (especially if you are using the RPG cycle which should never be used).


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      i have to agree with dave.

      i have seen traditional code that was "structured" in such a way that it was easily read, even with all of the indicator usage of RPG using fixed position coding.

      i have also seen some very terribly hard to read code that was written in /free.

      the bottom line is: code must be written, regardless of the language or formatting, so that it is easily readable. if you have a programmer who has not been able to make the move to /free (RPGIV), but writes good formatted code that has a solid foundation, requires little maintenance and is easily readable, you are better off (in my opinion) than someone who writes in /free, but has no idea how to write structured code.