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CPF1269 Reason Code 723,0 Communications Issue

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  • CPF1269 Reason Code 723,0 Communications Issue

    I have a large customer that has 8 iSeries systems communicating with each other. There is one system (known as the Global system) where data is sent to the other systems via ICF programs. These programs were written back in 1990. There is one ICF program that is able to send data to 6 systems without a problem. All of a sudden it cannot send to the 7th iSeries system. The program opens the ICF file successfully on the Global system. The program then evokes a program on the remote system and does not receive any errors. The program then builds a string to send to the remote system and when it tries to write this string to the ICF file, it fails. On the remote system, I get a CPF1269 error with Reason Codes 723,0 which is Program start request received on communications device IS was rejected with reason codes 723, 0. No password was associated with the user ID. We have restored the user profile that was on the system prior to the problem occurring and still get the error. What should I be checking in order to resolve this issue? Any information would very much be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re:CPF1269 Reason Code 723,0 Communications Issue

    Make sure that the user does not have an expired password or a password of *NONE. To be really sure, change the password. Dave