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Developing Mobile Apps for the IBM i, Part II

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  • Developing Mobile Apps for the IBM i, Part II

    ** This thread discusses the article: Developing Mobile Apps for the IBM i, Part II **
    This is a great article! I love seeing people prove the System i can still support virtually any type of application and device required by a business. It is simply a matter of educating yourself on the options.

    We are using another mobile development tool called LongRange developed by LANSA. LongRange allows us to develop native mobile apps using nothing but DDS and RPG. We did not have to learn HTML, Javascript, or anything else. The apps we generate have the best of both worlds as they run as true native apps on the mobile device giving us access to all the device functions (camera, geo-coordinates, etc...), but the code is 100% RPG and DDS on the server side so changes go to production and are immediately available to the users. LongRange also supports multiple mobile platforms so we write the DDS/RPG once, and run the exact same programs as native apps on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. LongRange handles all the interaction between our programs and the different device types. LongRange is not a free app like your examples here, but the speed of implementation, the ability to write once and run native on multiple platforms, along with zero learning curve for our RPG developers and the already large and growing library you are given of sample code on how to build tables, popups, barcode scanning with the camera, document and photo storage and sharing, etc.. more than make up for the fee. I did a test on day one exactly like yours with a customer list, which then displayed the customer details almost exactly like your second screen. Difference was I could touch the phone number and call or SMS the phone number, or touch an e-mail address and send an e-mail from the device. I completed the whole test within an hour!

    Great stuff for keeping the System i and RPG developers not just functional, but instead making them critical in developing key apps for people in the field needing to interact with enterprise applications running on the System i!!