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Mobile Architectures: Which Way to Go?

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  • Mobile Architectures: Which Way to Go?

    ** This thread discusses the article: Mobile Architectures: Which Way to Go? **
    You might want to look at a product called LongRange developed by LANSA. We are using it and love it!! We are building apps using nothing but DDS and RPG, and running the exact same code as native apps on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. LongRange handles all the interaction between our programs and the devices.

    Even through all of our coding is with DDS and RPG, they run as native apps on the device so we have very easy access to the camera, geo-coordinates, etc... We do barcode scanning with the camera, take pictures and videos on a job site and attach to customers/jobs to share with people working on the System i, etc...

    Virtually no learing curve for RPG developers. There is no HTML, Javascript, or anything else other than DDS and RPG. LongRange takes care of all the hard part. LongRange came with a large library of sample DDS/RPG to show how to create tables, popups, use the camera, mapping, e-mail, etc... I did a 2 screen prototype to test LongRange with a customer list, which then displayed a customer detail screen after touching a customer in the list. From the detail screen I could touch the phone number to call or SMS text the phone number, and could touch the e-mail address and send an e-mail from the device. I had this little app running on my iPhone within an hour. Amazing stuff!!