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Frame Relay setup on a V3R2 machine

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  • Frame Relay setup on a V3R2 machine

    We have a client that is remodeling there building and moving different departments to temporary locations until the remodel is complete. They have setup with the telephone company for frame relay connection between the locations and the AS/400 location. They currently have one location connected using a Perle 594e to Cisco router to frame relay to Cisco router to Ethernet hub to the AS/400 system. I believe that they could install an IBM 2666 High Speed Communications Adapter and setup the frame relay objects instead of the current configuration. The one location with the 594e has Twinax terminals connected but the other three remote locations would have TCP/IP devices connected. It is my understanding from the IBM manual "OS/400 LAN and Frame Relay Support V3R2" that the 594e would not require a router and the AS/400 would not need a router either. It is my understanding that the locations with TCP/IP devices would require a router. I have never worked with frame relay before so all my information comes from documentation.

    The client intends to purchase a new iSeries server to replace the current AS/400 and plans to have at least remote two locations connected via frame relay after moving back to the remolded location. Any guidance into frame relay setup is appreciated.