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Need Help Fast--all mapped drives display same folder

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  • Need Help Fast--all mapped drives display same folder

    We have secretaries using mapped drives to QDLS folders on the AS/400. They use the folders to pull paragraphs together to create letters in MS WORD. They each have about 4 or 5 drives mapped to different folders. Suddenly, for no reason I can figure, all the mapped drives are displaying the same folder. The only way to correct is to disconnect the drives and re-map or to re-boot the PC. The PCs are W2000 Service pack 1 or 2(no 3's) and the As/400 is V4R5. The mapping is done by going thru MY NetWork places, Computers Near Me, finding the As/400, mapping to the shared folder, specifying 'Reconnect at Logon'. Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening here? Thanks JoAnn
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