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New service pack for V5R1 Client Access Express; data transfer tool

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  • New service pack for V5R1 Client Access Express; data transfer tool

    It's PTFs SI10376 and SI09915. At the moment, they are not yet available on the FTP site, but you can order them and have them sent on CD or have the CD images put on the PTF FTP site. There is also a new tool for data transfer. The PTF says: A new tool, RXFERPCB.EXE has been added to iSeries Access for Windows Data Transfer. This new tool was added to aid in remote data transfers via Incoming Remote Command and RUNRMTCMD from the iSeries. RXFERPCB is much like RTOPCB and RFROMPCB except that it allows you to specify a user ID and password on the command line. This helps to alleviate remote signon problems that are typical when trying to do remote transfers with RTOPCB and RFROMPCB. To run RXFERPCB, specify the transfer request profile name, userID, and password. An example invocation of RXFERPCB and its parameter descriptions are as follows: RXFERPCB request userID password request - Fully qualified file name of any Client Access upload or download request of type .DTF, .DTT, .TTO, or .TFR. userID - A valid iSeries user profile for the system specified in the request. password - A valid password for the specified user profile. RXFERPCB C:TRANSFERSMYREQUEST.DTF myuserid mypassword RXFERPCB can be found in the directory where you installed iSeries Access for Windows. NOTES: RXFERPCB specific messages and help text will display as English only. However, most error and warning messages will display using the correct language. If any parameter contains embedded blanks, you must enclose it in double quotation marks.