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Cross Domain usage of QNTC

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  • Cross Domain usage of QNTC

    We are trying to use QNTC to access a text file on a Windows 2000 server that is not in the same domain as the iSeries. Upon using the MKDIR to force the Windows 2000 server into the QNTC list, OS400 reports the directory has been created. But...when you try to access it, an access denied error is reported. This isn't our first time using QNTC and all the naming restrictions for computer name, user name, share name, and password have been followed. After sniffing the packet exchange between OS400 and Windows, I see that OS400 sends its domain as a qualifier along with the user name and password to the target Windows machine. The Windows machine is rejecting the access attempt because the domain does not match its own. So, does anybody know how to get around this problem? Is there a method to provide Netserver with an alternate domain name to use when it authenticates the user against the Windows machine? The two computers are from separate entities, each having their own domains and now they want to share things across the domains. The IBM documentation does not say this can not be done, it just doesn't tell you how. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks