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Linksys 4 Port Router

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  • Linksys 4 Port Router

    Thanks for the instructions, Chuck. I just bought the thing 2 days agao but haven't hooked it up yet. thanks again. Martin

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    Linksys 4 Port Router

    Here's what you do....
    - Connect the Linksys router to your cable modem via the WAN port on the router.
    - Plug in ALL your PCs into the router. If you have more than 4 PCs you'll need to buy a cheap hub for additional PCs
    - By default the Linksys router will act as a DHCP server so you tell your TCP/IP stack in all of the PCs to use a DHCP server.
    - Configure your router by opening your browser and putting as the address. (Complete instructions are in the Linksys manual and on their web site.)
    You're done. It works wonderfully. I've never had a minute of trouble in the 18 months I've used it.
    Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer.
    Chuck, Thanks for the reply ! I guess I could simply attach my cable modem to this router & the 2 PCs that I have and go from there ? Is there any other configuration that I need to do on the 2nd PC ? i.e. do they need to share an IP address, how does that work ? Thanks, Martin


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      Linksys 4 Port Router

      These little routers work GREAT! My cable ISP was planning to rape me to hook up 6 machines. Didn't even have to call them and change my MAC address, just cloned it!