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Upgrade to Linux?

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  • Upgrade to Linux?

    I would, as my mouth is watering for it (for a home project). I've tried it before, but there are not 48 hours in a day, so I have never followed through with it -- darn it. The other problem is, it's hard comparing apples to oranges. At work we don't have Linux, so there is a totally different look and feel (and very little incentive) -- and totally different set of syntax. But on the other hand, if I did in fact have 48 hours a day and could dedicate at least 8 of those 48 to learning Linux -- I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to do so. I just wish my company used Linux. That would be the panacea.

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    Wait until the end of the month the next version of Ubuntu 9.10 (versions are simply year point month) will be out the end of this month and will be pretty easy to use (my non technical wife finds it pretty easy on her laptop). Why not try it? Installing is generally really easy: Once you have copied the .iso to a cd you can boot straight from it, you can install with the same cd as a windows application (just use add/remove to get rid of it) or do a full proper install.