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Win XP and iSeries Access Mapped drive

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  • Win XP and iSeries Access Mapped drive

    This problem had existed years ago and was at one point fixed. We have several users that recently started having a problem with the mapped drive to QDLS. When they reboot the drive will not reconnect. When they click on the drive (through My Computer) the sign on dialog box pops up with the correct iSeries profile. We have tried mapping through Navigator and the windows side. When we map using Navigator we are prompted for the Userid & password and we specify to reconnect. When we map using Windows we select sign on with different log on, enter the iSeries profile and password. The drive will open with no problems. But reboot and the drive is not reconneced and need the passoword manually inputed. Is this a windows problem or an iSeries Access problem? Is there a fix or work around?