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File transfer exit program

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  • File transfer exit program

    I know there is probably hundred of tips into this forum but cannot reach the good one. we have an AS/400 with : _ OS/400 in V5R1 _ Security level at 30 (do I have to change to 40 and what are eventually the consequences for my users ?) _ General Database library called LibraryA, containing all files _ "Special" Database library called LibraryB containing only files which could be accessed for file transfers (to use into Excel, for example) _ Express client V5R1 with Service Pack SI02795 I would like to use an exit program which give to Express clients the ability to view and use ONLY the library B Could someone tell me if a tip in this forum can give me the solution, or eventually in which book I can find the documentation I read the iSeries Security reference book version 5 (SC41-5302-05), chapter 6 Work Management Security, where there are talking about Client Request Access (PCSACC) Network Attribute and the fact that a user exit program has to be used, but didn't find any example. thanks to everybody Rene