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QUOTE RCMD longer than 80 characters

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  • QUOTE RCMD longer than 80 characters

    I have a RSTOBJ command to run within an FTP QUOTE RCMD command which runs longer than 80 characters. Is there a resolution to this issue other than using a RUNRMTCMD?

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    Have you tried using RUNRMTCMD? It accepts a much longer command line.


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      FTP RCMD Limits

      Hello! I'm looking in the iSeries FTP manual, and I see this about the RCMD:

      RCMD (Send a CL Command to an FTP Server System)
      FTP Server Subcommand

      Use the server subcommand RCMD to run iSeries control language (CL) commands on the FTP server
      system. The length of the RCMD subcommand string is up to 1000 characters. Because no prompting is
      available for the RCMD subcommand, the RCMD subcommand string must include all necessary
      parameters to run the CL command.

      So I don't think there's an 80 byte limit. Are you using some kind of tool to build and execute an FTP script? If so, it sounds like it's a limit of the tool.

      Let me know if this is helpful at all.



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        Bruce - This was one of my 'duh' moments. I was using an FTP script text file and hence the 80 character limit. I have since changed it over to a physical file and resolved the issue. Thanks for the response!


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          I'm oh so familiar with those 'duh' moments. I've had many myself!