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WDSC Issues

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  • WDSC Issues

    Here's the link to the very active forum about WDSC. Even guys from IBM are actively monitoring and participating in this forum. WDSCI-L

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    WDSC Issues

    I have been using WDSC almost exclusively for the past month or so and I have discovered quite a few shortcomings that hider my productivity. Perhaps someone here has tackled these before or can offer some work arounds. In User actions
    1. Need to be able to position cursor to a particular parm. i.e. CHGJOB JOB(&IJR/&IJU/&IJN) JOBQ({CSR}) this would position the cursor to the jobq parm which is what I am working with
    2. Also what about ?*, ?- etc options for prompted commands?
    In projects
    1. Need to be able to set the object library to something other than the project source library
    2. Need to be able to designate certain members as compile to module while others may be compile to program of the same source type
    3. Need to be able to designate certain members as not compile (copybooks) without changing the source member type
    4. Need to be able to add object creation commands to the build so I don't have to add after every regenerate COMPILE.CLLE
    5. Need to be able to add before (ovrdbf) and after (cpyf) build commands to COMPILE.CLLE so I don't have to readd them after every regenerate
    6. When I compile a program with the source in one library to put the object in another the errors don't show up. It is looking for the event file in the source library but the event file is placed in the object library