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WDSC V6.0.0.1 - User id on connection

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  • WDSC V6.0.0.1 - User id on connection

    Hi all, When starting working with a memberlist in WDSC I'm asked to log on to my development i5 server. However, when opening any type of source member, WDSC complains about "Could not get connection &connection in profile &profile" (&connection is my i5 server and &profile is my PC user-profile). This error has message-id 'IPSP3010E' but I haven't been able to find any info on this on the Internet. After answering this message 4 times(!), the source member is opened and editable without any major problems. Allthough some functions do not work properly and generate the same message as above (eg. right-click on a file name in the f-specs or on any other field in the code). Who has a clue where to configure WDSC to omit using the PC user-profile and start using the i5 profile instead? Thanks in advance. Paul Sweden