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Subfile question from a newbie

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  • Subfile question from a newbie

    [*]* This message is also posted in the RPG section ** Hi all, I am relatively new to subfile programming, please be gentle... On to the question and scenario. I have an app that is flowing from a Hdr screen (SCREEN A) to a detail screen (SCREEN B) for the user to add comments. My Display file is defined in using SFLINZ and SFLDSPCTL on the same indicator with the addition of SFLRNA. The idea is to Initialize, Load Subfile with comments (if any), then Display control. So upon going from SCREEN A to SCREEN B, and no comments exist - the subfile is Initialized and just waiting for comments to be entered. If the user presses F12 (I'm guessing leaving all of those records not 'Active') to cancel and go back to SCREEN A and then changes their mind to flow back to SCREEN B to add comments - the subfile is no longer 'input capable'). I am pretty sure that the initialize is attempted on this second pass, but seems not to be working. Is there a rule of sorts that Initialization can only be done once? If so, is there a way that I can get around it to somehow clear the subfile that was previously initialized and initialize again to start over? I think I can type initialize in my sleep now.... Thanks for any insight for a newb.