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    If anyone has been trying to find a way to display IBM type images( IOCA/MOCA/Page Segments) in expensively, then check out fCoder Groups new FREE MyViewPad viewer. The companies IBM references, such as MST, Snowbound, etc, are a little pricey. We have been using 3489s to display images of orders and invoices in IOCA and tiff format. But wanted to replace the 3489s with PCs and thin clients without rewriting our programs. We found fCoder Groups little free viewer and asked them if they would consider adding the IBM image formats to their viewer. They responded immediately, asking for the specifications. We sent them samples and within two days completed the request. These guys are fantastic and wonderful to work with. We now can simply use a little FREE monitor program (MOVEit) to watch for an image being placed in a user folder and automatically have MyViewPad load and display it on the thin client or PC running CA/400 or whatever you want to call the 5250 client app. Best of all, it didn't cost a thing and we didn't have to rewrite any code. Check these guys out, if you need to work with images or want to start. They also have an image converter program that can convert almost any kind of imaging to another format. The viewer works with most all camera RAW type photos too. I don't know how many times we got requests from salesman to display something a customer sent them. Like some hybred CAD drawing or photo, now they all have this very compact little viewer that works for practically any image. Anyway, we thought it was worth passing this info on to others. It's so rare these days that you can find a company that actually cares. And at No Charge, you can't beat it.