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ca being blocked from starting

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  • ca being blocked from starting

    I have an intermittent problem on an XP professional OS with client access. After a reboot due to whatever reason, the client access will not open. I can connect to the Iseries with the navigator. If I reboot into safe mode, I can open Client access. Originally I thought the problem was a conflict with Roxio drg to disc, because when I disabled it CA opened. However, that was short lived, it now doesn’t open with the Drg to disc disabled. Sometimes, after rebooting in safe mode, opening CA and rebooting it will open. Also, if I uninstall the CA, it can only be reinstalled in safe mode OR by first doing a clean boot in Windows XP. There is no unusual software. This pc has a wireless mouse, but I have another user with the wireless mouse and there is no problem there. All PTF’s etc. are up to date. I am still on v5r2. Any suggestions as what is blocking CA would be appreciated.

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    Re:ca being blocked from starting

    FYI. I figured it out. The problem is with the pc processor set for hyperthreading. The CA version we are at, needs the service pack to correct this or else disabling the hyperthreading. The service pack was never installed on the pc. Once I did that, no more problems.