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Need to find a way to generate a of list journaled physical files

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  • BVining
    DSPOBJD OBJ(&Lib/*ALL) OBJTYPE(*FILE) to an outfile provides the field QDJRST (along with a bunch of other things) which will tell you if a file is currently journaled or not.

    Doing this with system APIs would also be easy (and faster), but this sounds like a one-time effort so the outfile approach should work fine.

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  • Need to find a way to generate a of list journaled physical files

    Hi. Is there an easy way to get a list that will provide information on which physical files are being journaled within a library? For some reason, I can not find it, but thought it would be available through one of the DSPFD outfiles, but I haven't found it, nor have I been able to find it when I look at the journal commands. Perhaps I am overlooking the obvious (?) We are going to do a data conversion to a library that affects most of the files and need to know which ones we should stop journaling on before recompiling (CHGPF) the physical files. We need it to run dynamically, meaning it will need to execute the process to an outfile and pick up any 'new' physical files that may have journals active. Thanks!