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  • Sql2xls

    I know this is an old tool but I've used it heavily in the past. The machine I'm currently working on is running V5R3 with JDK 1.3. I haven't been successful in find a working download of the SQL2XLS code; however, I did manage to get a friend to give me their copies so I have the *CMD and *PGM objects. My stumbling block is the java piece. I'm attempting to download POI-3.1 but know nothing about java and can't find instructions on how to load this and get it working on the iseries. help!

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    I ran into this exact same problem a few days ago. I couldn't find any resolution, so I wanted to post something here to help someone else in the future. I'm on V5R4 and installed Java 1.5 so I could start generating Excel 2007 spreadsheets. The update broke SQL2XLS and HSSFCGI. The solution that appears to be working today was that I moved the POI-2.5xxx.jar from /qibm/UserData/Java400/ext to a separate folder /excel. After signing off and back on, HSSFCGI began working correctly. In the source member for SQL2XLSR search for classpath. Replace it with the exact path and file name of the /excel/poi jar. Under that I added a second set environment to the proper version of JAVA (1.4), " putenv('QIBM_JAVA_PROPERTIES=-Djava.version=1.4')." I recompiled and it now works. I originally tried the POI-3.2 that was bundled with HSSFCGI but didn't have any luck.