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Hat/Circumflex not translating properly

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  • Hat/Circumflex not translating properly

    Hello! I have a file that has just one field described, 106 bytes of character data. The file is FTP’d from the iSeries to a Windows box. On the Windows machine, the file looks fine. Next, the file is FTP’d from the Windows box to a mainframe, and here is where I have a problem.

    The circumflex character (^) shows up as the logical ‘not’ operator (¬) when the file gets to the mainframe.

    I also have a problem when I download (via FTP get) from the mainframe to Windows; the circumflex is translated into the Greek letter mu.

    The CCSID of our iSeries is 37, and the CCSID is 819 for FTP.

    I vaguely see what’s happening. The circumflex character is a hex ‘b0’ on the iSeries, but a hex ‘b0’ is a logical not operator in CCSID 1047 which I think might be indicative of the character set of the mainframe. In addition, I found some discussion on a Perl web page that lists the circumflex as one of ‘The 13 variant characters’. I’m thinking that because this is a ‘variant’ character with respect to EBCDIC, maybe that’s part of the problem.

    Within the mainframe shop, they’ve had to modify their translations whenever they FTP from the mainframe to AIX or Windows boxes, because they are experiencing the same problem with the circumflex.

    I have several questions:

    • Does this sound like the problem is on my end? I think it’s on mainframe side.

    • Is there anything I can do with CCSID’s on the iSeries?

    • When I initiate an FTP session and I ‘put’ or ‘get’ a file, which machine does the ASCII/EBCDIC translation?

    • Is there anything I can do with the Windows FTP to control the translation?

    Thank you in advance, for any help you may be able to provide.

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    Update: I figured it out. I asked the mainframe shop what they added into the internal scripts to FTP between ASCII/EBCDIC machines. It turned out to be 'site xl=us'. We added that to our Windows box script that uploads the file, and the circumflex arrived safely on the mainframe.