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  • disconnect from 400

    We have a strange problem that has occurred at two different locations (while our many other locations haven't had the problem). People connecting from a Win XP PC via Client Access are getting disconnected anytime they run a program that does any kind of file building. They are connecting over a VPN to an AS400 at a different location. However, we don't think it's a networking issue because all thin clients at these locations work perfectly. Also, these same PC's can connect to the AS400's that we have at different locations & not have any problems. As a workaround we had set them up to connect to a different location & had their user profile automatically direct them to the AS400 that they need to work on. Doing it that way, they could run anything they wanted without getting disconnected. So they were running the same jobs on the same machine, only they were routing through another AS400 first. That worked fine for about two months when all of a sudden they are now getting disconnected again when they run any program that tries to build a file. Here are a couple of lines from a trace log file: [179] 06/02 13:08:59.95,(0196) len=117, 5250 Emulator.Communication data.0001, FFFA6B8D:FFF72B2D String data: Length = 101 RecvOutbound, received data length = 0, Server Closed the Socket, Closing connection, ShortName = a [180] 06/02 13:08:59.95,(0197) len=20, 5250 Emulator.Communication data.0001, FFFA6B8D:FFF72B2D SOCKET ERROR: sock_error()=10054 Any help/thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated?