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  • iSeries Application Modernization

    From the desk of: Lee Kroon Subject: Our study of iSeries application modernization Greetings iSeries developers! While I may write a weekly column MC Mag Online, I also have a "day job" as IT industry analyst for Andrews Consulting Group. Recently, IBM asked ACG to interview customers who have either modernized their iSeries applications or who are considering whether they should modernize their applications. IBM wants to understand the hopes, expectations, and requirements of such customers as well as the benefits that they are achieving (or for that matter, that they hope to achieve) from modernization. I am posting this bulletin to you if your company would be willing to participate in this study. I need to interview organizations that have a significant amount of software running under OS/400 and that have five or more full-time programmers supporting the code base. If your organization fits this description, I would like to interview you (and/or your CIO or Programming Manager) on a confidential basis. Your name and company affiliation will not be revealed to IBM unless you want me to do so. What will you get in exchange for this interview? Well...besides my undying gratitude, I'll send you a killer white paper by the ACG team that compares Java and .NET. I will also send you an excellent book that Dave Andrews (our founder and president) wrote about how to more effectively manage IT projects. Finally, you'll have the pride of knowing that you've influenced IBM's iSeries modernization programs. (I also shine shoes if you don't mind mailing them.) If you would like to participate in this study, you can reply to this forum with your contact information or send that information to me on a confidential basis at: Lee Kroon Andrews Consulting Group Phone: (707) 824-9865 Email: lkroon@andrewscg.com Thank you for giving this request your kind consideration!