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Another method for converting legacy reports into Excel format

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  • andreas.goering@web.de

    converting spooled report into a maintable format like Microsoft Excel (XLS) format or XML format is something might worth to have for nearly each System i shop.

    Not everybody has sources, resources, time and skill to change underlaying programs and have them writing into database files, which normally can converted easier.

    Our developers here at GOERING have spend lot of time and efforts to provide the solutions for this convertion needs. More informations and free downloads available at http://www.goering.de/en/i4splitt.html

    Best regards

    Andi Goering

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  • Another method for converting legacy reports into Excel format

    Actually, like most things on the AS400, there are different approaches to the same problem, rendering similar results. My technique in 2002 at National Rifle Assoc was to modify the DDS printfile, inserting comma after numeric fields, and Double-Quote Comma ", between alpha fields. Follow this by a CPYSPLF and then ESNDMAIL command with the attached file as type(.CSV) within the email package ESEND from A.S.C. (now HelpSystems.com) to send the . I had a small tool to do the insertions into the DDS, and often needed a human touch to format them, but of the top 10 reports in use, we moved these into an "Excel" delivery model in about 10 mandays.

    Of course, just having every report generate a work-file before the print-report is the easiest way to plan for future delivery methods, be it Excel or email or some other future method.