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Ovrdbf file(stdin)

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  • Ovrdbf file(stdin)

    According to the REXX Reference manual, STDIN can be redirected to a database physical file or to a named inline spooled file. (Page 143 of my copy, SC41-5729-00.)

    I want to work with a file that is NOT a database physical file-- it is in the IFS.

    I guess this is a multi-part question:

    a) What is, and how do I create, a "named inline spooled file"?

    b) Prompting the OVRDBF command doesn't seem to allow anything but a database physical file... how is the "named inline spooled file" supposed to be referenced?

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    I have never used inline files with REXX but the default name is QINLINE. So far as definition goes, prompt the DATA command. Some additional reading material can be found at http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infoce...rzaksidfoc.htm and http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infoce...rzaksinldf.htm.


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      DATA appears to also be for a database file, but thanks for the reply.

      I just need to read a file in the IFS from REXX. Maybe I can figure out how to load the REXX External Data Que with my file... any ideas on that? (Samples are really, really hard to find!)


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        Since you only want to read the IFS data...A possible scenario for your CL program that performs the OVRDBF command could go like this: You would need to CPYFRMSTMF from the IFS data file, to a database file and member. Then run the OVRDBF command to point STDIN to that file. Then run the REXX procedure.

        Seems a little un-streamlined for the "i" can do anything machine. I'm sure there's an un-heralded IFS slash REXX guru that knows an easier way. Good Luck!