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Canceling Interactive Programs

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  • Canceling Interactive Programs

    SO I have a similar post form way back when. However that solution will not work.. So I thought I would see if anyone else has an idea.
    A user sits in a program for 10 minutes. I know this b/c we write out to a file with a timestamp and user id with a bunch of other goodies I would need to end the job. I can do that but do not want to end the job where they need to sign on again.
    So my question is can I cancel a program by retrieving the call stack ( which I don't really need b/c I know the program name ) and just end that program?
    Anyone know of an API or anything that does this?
    So I could then just call the API with parms to whack them out of the program?
    Note they could be in this program for 8 hours just with different options or in this case truck numbers. I know how long they have been in the "truck" So after 10 minutes I need to end or close that program only and not the session.