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    How about this?
    Use the auto refresh technique that crashes when you chain to the subfile.
    Create a data structure that has the same layout as your subfile display record including the RRN.
    Create an array of this data structure.
    When you write a record to the subfile, add it to the data structure array.
    When it comes to processing the subfile with chain or readc, don't. Process the array instead. Then clear and rebuild the subfile from the ammended array.


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      Thats not the problem. It would still give me the error b/c I'm still writing data to the subfile from a data source. Either array or file it would not make a difference.


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        You can safely ignore the errors when writing the control record and reading the filename, hence my use of.
                  write(e) ctl1;
                  read(e) selfupd2 ;
        and your use of monitor.

        The real error occurs when doing a chain or readc to the subfile record.

        From your previous post
        "I get the error again down the line when it tries to chain to the subfile for an update."

        If you look at the code in my previous posting, you will see that it clears and rebuilds the subfile every 999 records. Try running it, but change subFileFull to 15 instead of 999. Thus the data structure array will work. Just don't chain to the subfile, clear it then rebuild it from the array.


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          Try the FRCDTA and the OVERLAY keywords on your subfile control record.


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            Just a quick thought. Anyway to change the wait parm when user hits enter or something?