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Determine What state the SFLDROP is

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  • Determine What state the SFLDROP is

    So I have a subfile with a SFLDROP code in it.. I also have the keyword SFLMODE(&FOLD) in it. It works great when a user hits enter.. NOW the problem is when I'm doing the refresh I want it to not change the screen MODE . I want it to stay just like it was but still update the subfile. When I look at the &fold variable it never changes when the refresh happens on its own (WAITRCD when compiled)
    Anyone got a solution for this? I also do not have the option to READC when the refresh happens either.. I have to monitor for a 1331 and go around the READC. What if I want to process the options they had on the screen or save them to re display them to the user.

    Just a few things I need to get figured out.

    Thanks in advance.