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Permanent I/O error

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  • Permanent I/O error

    I have done the google thing and know that it is probably a data issue. I just can't figure which piece of data is corrupted. How do I do that?

    The DDS is compiled with RSTDSP(*YES) and DFRWRT(*yes).

    I have two modes to view the data. One is a view only and the other allows change. The same DDS is used for both. I have DSPATR(PR) for the fields in the view only mode. I use an indicator to turn protect on.

    I display a subfile, allow user to select a line, using information from that line of the subfile show a second full page screen that contains further information. F3 is hit to exit that screen and go back to the original subfile.

    In change mode the initial screen & subfile redisplay with no issue. In view mode, I get the permanent I/O error.
    Data sent to device BSCAC not valid. Negative response code is 10050122.
    Permanent I/O error occurred in file CPSETUPD.
    Permanent I/O error occurred in file CPSETUPD.
    Unmonitored exception at line 614

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    I've seen this behavior due to a bug in Iseries access; are you using it for 5250 emulation? IBM released a version that had a problem with pcslt52.dll. Try updating to the latest version and service pack.