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Warning- No VB for newcomers...

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  • Warning- No VB for newcomers...

    This is just a note for anyone wishing to use VB for AS/400 development. There are many inconsistencies in the IBM object models exposed by COM. If you are a VB programmer than you may not have much of a choice. However AS/400 programmers looking to learn a new technology for web or PC development should shy away from VB for now and strongly consider Java. For one reason, VB has gone under a dramatic change in its latest release with .Net. Secondly the things that I have learned from using Visual Studio 6.0 for VB development has taught me that there aren't many options for certain types of AS/400 communications. It's OK for your basic SQL queries and remote program calls but lacking in all other kinds of communications. If you think you can get away with just SQL and RPCs (remote program calls) you either have a really simple application or are overlooking something that will lead to disaster. See my thread here: http://www.mcpressonline.com/mc?128@...ae.1@.3dd57557 Cliff