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New to VBA - user login script errors

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  • New to VBA - user login script errors

    Got a question on several things actually. First off I am using an application that is basically a screen scraper. This application uses VB for the scripting. To connect to the AS400 it connects using the ehlapi32.dll driver and a workstation icon I created via Client Access. Now the problems. First is there a way to get rid of the pop up that comes with client access? As it sends a small user login and then it'll go to the green screen user login. I just want the green screen login only for this. And secondly, I have created a user login in this application using visual basic. The client access screen will be hidden in the background as this script is suppose to do everything (may switch from green screen to our gui application). But for the meantime it prompts for the user name with a input box. Then I am using a Text box via a form as thats the only way I can mask the password with ****. The problem is how do I pass the information keyed into the textbox back to the script? Right now I have the following which isn't pulling anything in: If Rule("Sign On@1,36&@8,53") Then Dim passwd UserForm1.Show Tab_ (UserForm1.textbox1.Text): Wait 2 And the form: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() passwd = UserForm1.textbox1.Text Unload UserForm1 End Sub Private Sub UserForm_Click() End Sub I've changed the Tab_ (this is part of the scripting application rules) to (passwd) which is my variable but it pulls in blanks. I changed it to the form's textbox1.text but again its blank. The information that is keyed into the form's textbox is not being passed back to the main script. What am I missing?

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    Re:New to VBA - user login script errors

    The CA login might be the result of the way CA was set up for the user. There is an option to bypass this login in the setup. Dave