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The continuing visa saga - say hello to the B-1 visa

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  • The continuing visa saga - say hello to the B-1 visa

    Another issue about visas. With the cap on H-1B being enforced and scrutiny being applied to L-1 visas, some companies are turning more and more to the B-1 visa. B-1 visas are strictly meant to bring foreign employees to America for business meetings. They are not to work on contract projects or to get paid for work done here. They are to receive no money for work done here and no honorariums. http://www.nih.gov/od/ors/dirs/isb/bvisa.htm The intent is clear. High-level managers come here for business meetings then go back to their country of origin to actually perform their jobs. Some outsourcing firms seem to be abusing this privilege by rotating low-level engineers in and out of the country on B-1 visas. And it's not just the US saying this. Even Europeans and Indians believe that the big bodyshops like TCS regularly abuse visas, including the B-1: http://www1.economictimes.indiatimes...ons/476978.cms Joe