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    Yikes, sorry for the ugly HTML post previously, here it is in plain text... Mike, The laws are pretty clear. Anytime a prize giveaway requires any type of money transaction to take place before you can be entered it becomes a lottery and is illegal. This is true in all 50 states. It doesn't matter that none of the money goes toward the drawing. The ONLY kind of giveaway that is legal is one that where "no purchase necessary to enter" is clearly stated and a method for entry without spending any money is permitted. More info here: (http://articles.corporate.findlaw.co...e/00525/009727), especially where it states: "Sweepstakes Must Make Available A Reasonable Free Method of Entry" You'll notice that any giveaway anywhere always states "no purchase necessary" is added to the fine print. Usually it requires sending an entry via mail. The vendor can't even IMPLY that a purchase is necessary to enter. It cost American Family Publisher's $33 million to learn the hard way: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- SWEEPSTAKES COMPANY TO PAY $33 MILLION, CLARIFY ADS 'You Are a Winner' to be Reworded: 'No Purchase Necessary' NEWARK, New Jersey Sweepstakes operator American Family Publishers (AFP) agreed last week to pay $33 million and make its mailings more clear after being sued for allegedly defrauding up to 35 million consumers. AFP's settlement will be used to reimburse consumers who say they were tricked into buying AFP products in a misguided attempt to improve their odds of winning the company's sweepstakes. The bankrupt company also agreed to print "No Purchase Necessary" in bold type on its mailings and remove misleading phrases such as "You Are a Winner½." The firm will also provide consumers with odds of winning, and use bigger type to print disclaimers, the Associated Press reported. Last week's action is the latest in a series of settlements, lawsuits, and legislation aimed at reforming the practices of the sweepstakes industry, frequently criticized for using misleading advertisements chuck Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer. "Mike2938" wrote in message news:6b2078d0.2@WebX.WawyahGHajS... > I don't know anything about sweepstakes being "highly illegal" or anything about The Barsa Group, but from what you just stated, it really doesn't sound illegal. There is a conference, and they are advertising for it by saying they are giving away prizes to those who attend. You are not paying the money to be entered into a drawing, you are paying to attend the conference. Maybe if there was no conference to attend and you were paying simply for the drawing, I can see how that could be illegal. > > I guess the Feds would have to prove that the money paid went directly (and solely?) to purchase the prizes, which they would not be able to do, so like Ralph said, they probably don't care. But like I said before, I didn't know that was illegal in the first place. What law is it that you are referring to?